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Nagtel has been at the center of the growing ICT scene from 2009 and we have the experience, extensive network, and dedicated staff to bring our customers’ businesses to the next level. We aggregate services from the nation’s largest telecom providers to give our customers the low Wholesale rates and network footprint needed to be competitive. We offer both Wholesale and country partnership worldwide. Grow with us as we strive to become the #1 Next Generation Telecom company.

Nagtel data centers are connected to the internet via multiple IP peering points to Tier 1 carriers and Our network manages latency by utilizing BGP routes from multiple providers, putting traffic through the most direct route possible, such as we have installed local servers and trunking switches in USA / Canada / UK / Australia / Singapore / Malaysia to eliminate unnecessary network traversal . Bandwidth congestion is managed by carrying excess capacity on all of our IP backbone connections, and is monitored by best of breed analysis software.

We always do business only with our country partners and whole sellers through our white label or re seller program. We offer high margins up to 35% and we are the only company to offer most of our services UNLIMITED and no frill telecom company to your customers. Join with us and start your telecom business with our infrastructure and run your business with your own name, website and have a control on your customers.

Nagtel, 3Gtel, 3G Digital Solutions and India Unlimited telecom business wholly owned by Insight Global Media Inc New York - USA, Insight IT Solutions Inc - Canada, Insight ICT Solutions UK Ltd - England and Nagtel Sdn Bhd - Malaysia promoted by Ravi Nagarajan.

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