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How it works for the following products..............


Cloud Telephony
You may use your existing PSTN number or buy a virtual number from any of the 75 countries through our re-seller. Then you may choose to point that to our cloud for free and connect your offices virtually using our cloud. Nagtel cloud can give you free virtual receptionist in your own language, Call forward options, Voice mail to email, Online Fax, Parallel ringing...... Available in All Countries.


Worldwide Hotline Service
This hotline is a simple service where you can buy a 5 or 6 digits virtual number from our re-seller. Then configure this virtual number in your smart phone / IP Phone / PC / Laptop / Ipad / Ipod and start making calls to other virtual number users UNLIMITED for free. You may buy a group virtual numbers for HD audio conferencing / Video conferencing or 1:1 communication to any one anywhere. Yes no boundaries no roaming no IDD charges.Available in All Countries.


DID Numbers
Nagtel telephony offers telephone numbers from 75 countries as low as 0.99 cents per month. You may buy this number and configure in your smart phone by using app available in 5 different platforms / IP Phone / PC / Laptop / Ipad / Ipod and receive UNLIMITED calls from that country. All calls to this number are considered local calls. Show your presence in various countries by installing this phone in your country. We can also forward all your incoming calls to Skype / Google Talk or to Nagtel IP-PBX for FREE. Available in All Countries.


Unlimited Calls
If you have a business, family or friends in another country and spending lot of money using IDD or calling cards to reach them?. We can offer UNLIMITED calls to most of the countries with a fixed monthly rental. You don't have to worry about the minutes or billing as this service comes with a FLAT tariff. This Unlimited service is available for single country or 20 / 40 / 60 countries package. All out going and incoming is totally UNLIMITED. You may buy this service and configure  in smart phone by using app available in 5 different platforms / IP Phone / PC / Laptop / Ipad / Ipod and start making calls instantly any where in the world. Available in All Countries.


Are you a frequent traveler or spending so much of money on making calls? No more changing the sim card as and when you land in another country...... Just download our smart phone app available in i-OS / Android / Blackberry / Symbian & Windows Phone as well PC dialer for making calls. Just buy a little credit and start making calls from anywhere in the world without any additional roaming cost. Our tariff is the cheapest and we bet it is less expensive than your local call. You may use this service if you have GPRS / 3G / 3.5G / 4G / 4G LTE or Wi-Fi data service. We use latest audio codecs to connect your call even in low bandwidth environment and HD voice quality is assured. Available in All Countries.


Calling Cards
We offer calling cards with same value free SMS to all customers. You can make calls and send SMS for free. We offer seller's protection Insurance to all our re-sellers / shop owners, All calls or connected through call back system.within 10 seconds. NOT available in All Countries.


We offer BULK SMS and e-Fax services also in many countries.


The SIP settings will vary, so please contact your local re-seller for correct settings in your country.

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