N-Passport Product Details and FAQ

No matter where your travels take you, with N-Passport you can call anyone anywhere without changing the sim-card or expensive roaming costs. All you need to do is buy a small talk time pre-paid credit and download our FREE app to make calls. We are 70% cheaper than Skype / Google Talk or any telecom company in the world. This prepaid credit is valid for 180 days and your family or friends can use the same credit for making calls. It is cheaper than your local call and you can control the cost by monitoring the calls using our portal. We provide a detail CDR - Call detail report with all details. All you need is GPRS / 3G / 4G / 4.5G / LTE or Wi-Fi to connect this app to our local switch and call instantly. Please NOTE - N Passport will work even with your i-pad / i-pod / PC / Laptop / Tablets and all smart phones without sim card.


You may buy N-Passport with local dial tone!!!  What is Local Dial Tone option?


If you are living in Malaysia and bought a talk time credit from N-Passport, Whenever you make local calls, You do not have to put Country or City prefix for voice calls if you buy a Malaysian local dial tone option. Example - Calling Malaysian number will be - 014-9674181. But other telecom companies will ask you to dial 00 60 14 967 41 81 and some companies insist 011 - 00 - 60 - 14 - 967 4181 for local dialing also. You may able to buy a local dial tone in any country. If you have so many relatives in USA or any Country you can still buy the local dial tone from any country to dial USA numbers without the prefix.


How the Local Dial Tone will make difference?


By choosing the local dial tone option, you may able to connect your destination with local CLI - Legal route with that country's national telecom. N-Passport will send voice traffic through the most direct route possible, such as we have installed local servers and trunking switches in USA / Canada / UK / Australia / Singapore / Russia / Malaysia to eliminate unnecessary network traversal and you would never face the traditional problems like echoing, voice delay, poor quality.

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