Unlimited Calls to 100 Countries

Please note, that we don't sell or deal with any customers directly. All of our products available through our local partners or re-sellers ONLY. If you don't find anyone suitable in your country please email to nag@nagtel.com


UNLIMITED CALLING to 100 Countries -  Nagtel Unlimited calling service is a revolutionary phone service that allows you to make international calls with a variety of calling methods no matter where you are located. Ideal for travelers, cybercafes, Call shops, Local and International businesses.....This service makes long distance calls for a fixed monthly rental. There are no additional fees or surcharges, and all calls can be viewed online by logging in to your account manager. Our unlimited calling service allows you to make international calls to any phone number in U.S. / Canada / UK / Australia / Singapore / Hong Kong as well as to over 100 countries worldwide for as low as USD 24.99. 


You may buy this services for a dedicated country or dedicated zones or for all 100 countries. No Per Second / No Per Minute charges ONLY flat monthly rental.


Please note for Cyber Cafes / Calling shops / STD/ ISD Booths has a different discounted tariff for 200 Countries. Under this scheme you can pay as low as USD 0.001cents tariff to most of the countries. It is much cheaper than your local call.


Telemarketing & Call Center can avail Business Unlimited  available for heavy commercial usage.

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Unlimited Calls to 100 Countries