Virtual Number in 75 countries

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Get a local phone number in any area code in the U.S. or Canada and in over 75 countries of the world so your international customers can reach you anywhere. Your callers will only pay for a local call.


Have a local phone number without a physical office in most countries.


Pay only the local calling rate.


Customize your phone greeting.


Receive your calls to any phone anywhere in the world: work, home, mobile, etc.


Change your ring to number in real time with easy online account management.


Nagtel is the first company to ofer DID & Toll Free numbers from India for overseas customers along with Cloud Telephony interface.


Numbers with PRI & multiple channels available for small / big call centers / BPO's and overseas back office support center.


Calling Card companies also can obtain Virtual numbers in most of the countries without any restriction.


How it works - Unlimited Incoming Calls that includes FREE IVR and Voicemail to Email options. Only FLAT monthly rates, You may able to forward the call to Nagtel Cloud PBX / SIP / GTALK / SKYPE or to any landline or mobile numbers in the world as low as 5 dollar a month.




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Virtual Number in 75 Countries

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