World Wide Hotline Services

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Hotline Services - If you need a dedicated hotline services for your personal/business needs you don't have to be a president of some developed country. All you need is contact your country partner and get the services in less than 1 hour. This hotline service is for 1:1 or 1:to many extensions anywhere in the world without paying the expensive IDD charges. This hotline service comes with a 3 / 5 digit private virtual number to connect instantly and UNLIMITED calls with NO PER SECOND / MINUTE BILLING Charges. All you have to pay is a low monthly or yearly rental. No more engaged tone / line congestion / network down or any issues. This hotline service will also allow you to make outgoing calls to any country at a cheaper cost beside your dedicated hotline contact(s).


How it Works


Personal - If you are living in India and your siblings are in US/UK or any country, This service can connect with them instantly and economically.


Business - If you have a business in one city and having branches in other city or any country, You may buy our hotline services to connect offices in real time without connecting to your telecommunication company.


We will be assigning a 5 digit number for each extension and you may configure in your smart phone / Tablet / Computer / IP Phones.

You can dial and talk UNLIMITED to other Nagtel customers absolutely FREE. NO restrictions, NO Fair Usage Policies, NO per second or per minute charges.


In addition to that, if you would like to make outgoing calls to Non-Nagtel customers such as Landlines (PSTN) or Mobile networks locally or Internationally still you can do by adding talk time credit on a Pay-as-you-Go way.

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World Wide Hotline Services

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